A Prisoner Of Conscience
Season 1, Episode 21
Airdate 30th April 1986
Written by Stephen Kandel
Directed by Cliff Bole
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A Prisoner Of Conscience is the 21st episode of Season 1 in the original version of MacGyver.

Summery Edit

To rescue a political prisoner MacGyver and Pete Thornton pretend to be mental patients, so they can break into a Russian mental hospital, and get the prisoner out.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Elya Baskin as Demetri
Larry Dobkin as Alexander Karsoff
Marvin Kaplan as the Chess Master
Paul Koslo as Dr. Suvarin
Sharon Maughanas Maria Karsoff
Jane Merrow as Dr. Natalia Petrovitsh
Tim Rossovich as the Political Prisoner