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Alonzo Olvera
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Biographical Information
Title: Crime Boss
Status: deceased
Born: unknown
Dies: Father + Bride + Betrayal
Family: Olvera crime Family.
Children: Camila Olvera
Affiliations: Olvera crime family
Physical Description
Episode Count: 1
Character Information
First appearance: Father + Bride + Betrayal Dies
Portrayed by: Roberto Sanchez

Alonzo Olvera is a international black market arms dealer. He has a Daughter named Camila Olvera who he left in the United States.Camila fell in love with and married A man named Jacob.

After two Assassination attempts He offered to turn himself in, if he gets to go to Camila's wedding and walk her down the aisle. He managed to walk her down the aisle and spent some time with his family until his Mother, Named Abuela , poisoned him with cyanide through a injection. 

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