Biographical Information
Real Name: Unknown
Born: Unknown
Husband: Murdoc (Ex)
Family: Cassian
Physical Description
Height: 5'9 ½
Episode Count: 1
Character Information
First appearance: Murdoc + MacGyver + Murdoc
Portrayed by: Sarah Sokolovic

Character Flag - American.png Female Season Three


One chilly evening in Moscow, Russia, the sunset sparkled off the spires of Saint Basil's Cathedral. Murdoc peered through the scope on my M40 sniper rifle, he spied a glint of gunmetal on the adjacent rooftop. And there was Amber, a vision in tactical body armor, aiming at his mark, trying to snake his hit. They both fired at the same time, their slugs hit simultaneously. Afterward, we couldn't agree on whose kill it was, so decided to split the money and a bottle of vodka. [1]

Season 2

Murdoc tases, drugs and kidnaps MacGyver and holds him in the basement of an abandoned warehouse, demanding too know where his son, Cassian is. When Mac refuses, given that his son would resent him for the monster he is, Murdoc counters by saying boys need their fathers, like how Mac has been searching for his. Even spinning a tale about Cass, mother named Nadia. A woman he fell in love with who was also his target. [2]

Season 3

Five days ago, Amber escaped from her Serbian prison cell. She contacted Murdoc wanting to see her son Cassian, claiming three years in prison changed her perspective on everything.

Soon after their son is taken by some of Murdoc's former allies. Amber tricks MacGyver and Murdoc into stealing millions of dollars and giving it to the man who kidnapped her son. They save Cassian, and Murdoc kills everyone in the car that kidnapped him, finding out only too late that Amber was in on the whole thing. Murdoc tells Amber to never come see her son again. She accepts and walks away. Murdoc is arrested and Cassian now lives with another family.


  • Met her ex husband Murdoc in Moscow, Russia. [1]
  • Spent Three years in a Serbian prison before escaping. [1]
  • Crystal Danver. is one of her favorites alias. [1]


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