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Anne Frost
Major Frost.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Anne Frost
Title: Major
Originally From: America
Husband: Unknown
Parents: Presumably
Family: Presuambly
Children: Unknown
Affiliations: Department of Defense
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Episode Count: 1
Character Information
First appearance: Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed
Portrayed by: Emmanuelle Vaugier

Character Military.png Female Deceased.png Season Four

Major Anne Frost with an officer who served in the Department of Defense under the command of General John Acosta. She was secretly a member of Codex who aimed to rearrange the balance of power in the world.

Season 4

Red Cell + Quantum + Cold + Committed

Major Frost was a US Marine Corps officer who at some point became radicalized and joined a mysterious terrorist organization and she served under General Acosta and other members of her organization abducted the general’s family and blackmailed him into giving her organization control of the NORAD missile-defense system. After Angus MacGyver broke into Cheyenne Mountain Complex and convinced the general not to use the Quantum Recursive Chip she revealed her true allegiances and attempted to complete the mission. She was killed by Air Force security officers after Mac destroyed the chip.