Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle
Season 2, Episode 19
Benjamin Franklin n Grey Duffle
Air date April 6, 2018
Written by Andrew Klein and Andrew Karlsruher
Directed by Sharat Raju
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Benjamin Franklin + Grey Duffle is the 19th episode of Season 2 in the remake version of MacGyver.


As Mac and the team investigate the suspicious death of Dawn’s (Amy Smart) CIA supervisor, the evidence leads to a dirty CIA agent and a massive counterfeiting ring.




  • Jack said he only ad 10 bulets, but shot off at least 12

Deaths [3]
- Paul Carter


Riley Davis: So we just sent Jack on an all-expenses-paid trip to romantic Lincoln, Nebraska with his con artist crush? Think he ever comes back?
Angus MacGyver: Yeah, sure, after she breaks his heart - or steals it right out of his chest.

Riley Davis: Yeah, but that doesn't mean she's good for him. I mean, do you really think Jack needs somebody else in his life encouraging him to be less responsible?
Angus MacGyver: I'm not sure what that would even look like.

Angus MacGyver: Riley has a good point. Dawn is a professional liar.
Riley Davis: Mac, literally everyone we know is a professional liar. You included.

Jack Dalton: Let's just say things in corn country went real bad real fast. Thought you'd like a little heads up. Here you go.
(Shows Mac what's happing with his phone, but it gets shot)
Angus MacGyver: So, gas company gave us the wrong address, so we'll just be going (house owners start shooting)
Wilt Bozer: This thing can't be used as a weapon, can it?
Angus MacGyver: Not a good one.
(throws it)

Wilt Bozer: All in a day's work, folks. Nothing to see here, but I do hope you packed an umbrella today 'cause I'm about to make it rain up in this-
Matilda Webber: No smiling till we catch the counterfeiter, Boze.

Angus MacGyver: But the paper these fake bills are printed on is real, which I'm hoping will give us a lead. See, U. S. paper currency is, quite frankly, one of the dirtiest things on the planet. The cotton and linen blend attracts and holds pathogens for a very long time.
Riley Davis: Like, how long?
Angus MacGyver: Uh, well, let me put it this way, the flu virus can last 48 hours outside of the human body, but on cash, 17 days.
Matilda Webber: Well, that's disgusting.
Wilt Bozer: Extremely.
(Bozer wipes his band of Matty)

Riley Davis: See, you think that, but you know, Jack, under that big, obnoxious, annoying, loud, overly emotional personality, he's actually a really good guy. One that always looks for the good in others, even when there's none left to be found.

Dawn: But I swear I am not conning Jack. I just like him and I don't want to hurt him.
Riley Davis: That's good. Because if you do, I'll tap two keys and connect your DNA and fingerprints to every open homicide investigation in the country. And then, when they throw you in a dark hole, I'll tap two more keys and delete your entire existence.

Angus MacGyver: I need somebody's phone.
Jack Dalton: Yeah, don't look at me. Mine got blown right out of my hand when we were out in the sticks. Dawn, give him yours.
Dawn: Why?
Jack Dalton: 'Cause you owe me a TV. I'll cut you a break. We'll call it even.

Dawn: Okay, speaking as someone who's been in a lot of holding cells, that place was a dump.

Matilda Webber: And the National Police confiscated all the relevant evidence, including $247 million in fake hundreds and $4 million in real one-dollar bills. The fake money is being destroyed as we speak. What's wrong, Mac?
Angus MacGyver: It's-it's probably nothing.
Riley Davis: What is it?
Angus MacGyver: We, uh, we actually found $5 million in one-dollar bills in that house in Peru.
Matilda Webber: We did? Not according to the paperwork Phoenix received. Please tell me that Dawn is in the waiting room.


Cast Edit

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  • Greg Alan Williams as Julian Halsey
  • Kenneth Trujillo as Agent Alvarez
  • Allie McColloch as Caroline Grant
  • Ashton Leigh as Assistant
  • Cory Scott Allen as Leon
  • Megan McFarland as Sonia
  • Ricky Catter as Peruvian Cop

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