Season 5, Episode 091
Airdate 13th November 1989
Written by Paul B. Margolis
Guest Stars Cecilia Hart as Kate Hubley
Cuba Gooding, Jr. as Billy Colton
Roger Aaron Brown as Mabuto
Kai Wulff as Ladysmith
Directed by Michael Caffey
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MacGyver trails a friend to Africa where he witnesses the cruel slaughter of the endangered Black Rhino. When he joins the activists hoping the prevent the poaching, Mac meets up with the man behind the scheme - Ladysmith.


At the end of the episode, aired in 1989, Richard Dean Anderson does a public service announcement saying that if the poaching isn't stopped, the black rhinos would be extinct by the year 2000. While the population numbers did indeed go down significantly in the following years, they started going back up before 2000 and by the year 2000 there were an estimated number between 1,000 and 1,300. The numbers have steadily gone up since then, though poaching has not stopped.

A $40,000 mechanical rhino was used in this episode to simulate the injury to the rhino.

Out of 2 appearances in "MacGyver" (so far), this is the episode iin which Cuba Gooding Jr. also has to deal with the subject of racism although in this episode it is secondary behind the main issue.


Richard Dean Anderson    MacGyver
Dana Elcar    Pete Thornton
Cecilia Hart    Kate Hubley
Cuba Gooding Jr.    Billy Colton
Roger Aaron Brown    General Mabuto
Kai Wulff    Ladysmith
Tony Todd    Zimba
Alvin Sanders    Diano
Tong Lung    Chan