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Bozer + Booze + Back to School
Season 3, Episode 3
Bozer + Booze + Back to School
Air date October 12, 2018
Written by Nancy Kiu
Directed by Tessa Blake
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Bozer + Booze + Back to School is the 3rd episode of Season 3 in the remake version of MacGyver.


MacGyver, Riley, Bozer and Leanna go undercover on a college campus to smoke out a deep-cover operative who is recruiting students to carry out deadly attacks around the world. Also, Jack joins bounty hunter Billy Colton in the hunt for a bail jumper but is concerned when he finds out Billy offered Riley a job.



Deaths [1]


Matilda Webber: Sorry to cut your date short.
Riley Davis: Wasn't a date.
Leanna Martin: It wasn't?
Riley Davis: No.
Macgyver: Billy didn't fly into town to see you?
Leanne Martin: (GASPS) Did you guys break up?

Wilt Bozer: Then this Terry Crews-looking dude grabbed me, - and I think he bruised my clavicle.
Angus MacGyver: That's your clavicle.

College Kid Zeta Kappa Tau party tonight.
Riley Davis: Hell, yeah.
Wilt Bozer: I'll take one of those.
College Kid I'm sorry…I just ran out.
Wilt Bozer: You're literally holding a stack. Right there. I'm looking at 'em.

Billy Colton: I was hired to hunt him down, not figure out why he did it.
Jack Dalton: And is this super detached emotional thing something you apply only to work, or in your personal life?
Billy Colton: Now, is this your clever way of asking about my relationship with Riley?
Jack Dalton: Give that man a gold star. I knew you were a smart guy, Billy.

Wilt Bozer: Hey… Someone stole my shirt.
Leanne Martin: You tore it off.

Angus MacGyver: That's a weather balloon.
Wilt Bozer: Maybe, or maybe it's an alien orb.

(Mac pop's the balloon)
Wilt Bozer: Good job. I hate balloons, too.

Billy Colton: But if he doesn't turn up, Mama's gonna be pissed you lost him.
Jack Dalton: So?
Billy Colton: She really doesn't like when people mess with her money.
Jack Dalton: Well, you tell Mama I really don't like it when people mess with my family. And I consider offering Riley a job behind my back messing with my family.

Matilda Webber: Julian Sloane, I'm Matilda Webber, and I work for an agency you never heard of. You have a lot of explaining to do, Ms. Webber.

Matilda Webber: Working in the admissions department gave you access to students' profiles and records, allowing you the opportunity to handpick who you wanted to admit and recruit.
Juliana Sloan: A nice story. But it's just a story.

Angus MacGyver: What was that?
Wilt Bozer: My equilibrium's off.
Angus MacGyver: Dude, it's soda, not beer. You have no excuse.


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  • Jesse James Locorriere as Juliana Sloan
  • Dennis Boutsikaris as Elliot Lambeau
  • Joshua Brady as Simon Tran
  • Donald Watkins as Victor
  • Andrew Romano as Quentin

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  1. Death Count
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