Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Born: America
Originally From: America
Current Location: Unknown
Parents: Murdoc (Father)
Amber (Mother)
Physical Description
Height: 4'2
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 2
Character Information
First appearance: Murdoc + Handcuffs
Portrayed by: Brady Bond

Character Flag - American Male Season 2

Cassian is the son of Murdoc and Amber who remains in the dark about what his parents do for a living.

Season 1Edit

Murdoc helps MacGyver impersonate him to find a highly sought after target. Murdoc is reluctant to help at first but when Matilda Webber searches more into Murdoc, she finds that he has a son, who Murdoc sends presents for his birthday and Christmas, and has used extensive resources to keep his son hidden and safe, including sending his son to an exclusive private school in Switzerland. His son is also unaware of what his father does for a living. [1]

Season 2Edit

Murdoc tases, drugs and kidnaps MacGyver and holds him in the basement of an abandoned warehouse, demanding to know where his son is. When Mac refuses, given that Cassian would resent him for the monster he is, Murdoc counters by saying boys need their fathers, like how Mac has been searching for his. Before he has the chance to “get his tools”, MacGyver escapes. [2]

Henry Fletcher offers to hand Murdoc over to The Phoenix Foundation for $10 million dollars, and they agree. They make the trade In Indianapolis, but Murdoc’s old mentor Nicholas Helman, resurfaces and wants revenge because Murdoc accidentally killed his wife when she got in the crossfire between them years ago. Murdoc talks to MacGyver about his past, mentioning that his father was abusive and that he killed him. Later, Murdoc and Helman find MacGyver at the same time and Murdoc shoots him in the shoulder to get him out of Helman’s lethal crosshairs. They take Murdoc back into custody and he requests that he sees his son in return for saving MacGyver’s life. They let Cassian visit him and Murdoc tells him to put on his headphones and play music. He then proceeds to kill the guards without Cassian seeing, and breaks out. Murdoc drops by Fletcher’s apartment and kills him as well, before going on the run with his son. [3]

Season 3 Edit

Angus MacGyver finds out his mother, Amber is alive. After they go to the place that was holding on to him.

Amber tricks MacGyver and Murdoc in to stealing millions of dollars and giving it to the man who kidnapped his son. They then save Cassian and Murdoc kills everyone in the car that kidnapped him.

Murdoc tells Amber to never come see her son again. She accepts and walks away. Murdoc is arrested and Cassian now lives with another family.


  • Attends a private school in Switzerland, and receives presents from his father every Christmas and Birthday. He is also unaware of what his father does for a living. Murdoc wishes to keep it that way.


Season Two
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