DXS Headquarters
Biographical Information
Tittle: Department of External Services
Members: Heads

Patricia Thornton
James MacGyver (Former)

Angus MacGyver
Jack Dalton
Ellen MacGyver
Nikola Tesla †
Alexander Graham Bell †
Thomas Edison †
Jonah Walsh (Former)
Formerly, Later Deceased: Gwendolyn Hayes (Former)
Martin Bishop (Former)

Status: Decommissioned

The Phoenix Foundation (New Facility)
Delta Force
Navy SEALs
Special Activities Division
KGB (Russia)

First appearance: The Rising


After leaving high school Angus MacGyver attended MIT for two years before joining the military as a bomb disposal expert. He worked at that job for three years before being recruited by DXS. DXS partnered him with Jack Dalton and the two worked together for three years before the events of The Rising.

Season 1Edit

Angus MacGyver, with help from Jack Dalton and Nikki Carpenter, infiltrates a party to steal a biological weapon in Lake Como, Italy. However, as Mac and Jack meet up with Nikki, they find her held hostage by John Kendrick. Mac gives up the bioweapon, but Kendrick shoots both him and Nikki, killing her. Three months later, Mac is on holiday when the Director, Patricia Thornton, calls him and Jack back to help retrieve the bioweapon. They recruit hacker and convict Riley Davis, who tracks Kendrick to San Francisco, where they also discover that Nikki is alive and working with him for another group. After capturing them both, Mac finds out that Nikki has already sold the bioweapon to someone who plans on making it airborne via an IED. Mac finds the bio-weapon and extracts it from the bomb before it explodes. A few days later, Thornton tells the group that Nikki's betrayal has caused knowledge of the DXS to become compromised, so they have to shut down and relocate under a new name of their choosing. Mac chooses the name The Phoenix Foundation, to which the rest of the group agrees.

Known Members Edit


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