Delta Force
Delta Force
Biographical Information
Motto: Delta, The Unit, Task Force Green
Members: Jack Dalton
Status: Active

Navy SEALs
Special Activities Division
Black Op


Operation Eagle Claw
Operation Just Cause
Operation Acid Gambit
Gulf War
Operation Restore Hope
Operation Gothic Serpent
Global War on Terrorism
War in Afghanistan
Iraq War
Operation Red Dawn
War on ISIL
Mexican Drug War
Operation Black Swan

First appearance: The Rising

Delta Force (1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta) commonly referred to as Delta Force, is an elite Special Mission Unit of the United States Army, under operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. It is used for hostage rescue and counter-terrorism, as well as direct action and reconnaissance against high-value targets. Delta Force and its U.S. Navy counterpart, SEAL Team 6, are the United States military's primary counter-terrorism units and fall under the operational control of the Joint Special Operations Command. Delta Force and SEAL Team 6 perform many of the most highly complex and dangerous missions in the U.S. military, often highly classified as well. These units are also often referred to as special mission units by the U.S. government.

Most Delta operators come from the United States Army Special Operations Command's elite 75th Ranger Regiment and Special Forces Groups as well as from the special operations units of other branches of the military, though also occasionally from conventional forces. The Central Intelligence Agency's highly secretive Special Activities Division (SAD) and more specifically its elite Special Operations Group (SOG), often works with – and recruits – operators from Delta Force.



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