Eileen Brennan
Eileen Brennan
Biographical Information
Real Name: Eileen Brennan
Born: Ohio, America
Originally From: Ohio, America
Parents: Conor Brennan (Father)

Unnamed Mother †
Step-Dad †

languages: English


Physical Description
Height: 5'3
Character Information
First appearance: Revenge + Catacombs + Le Fantome
Portrayed by: Holland Roden

Character Flag - Ierland Flag - American Female Military Agent Season 3


During the mid-1980s her father met and married an unnamed woman with whom he had a daughter Eileen, both of whom hated his IRA activities. In the 1990s, Brennan was sent by the IRA command to London to conduct operations there, compelling him to take his family with him. Brennan continued to work on bombs 24/7 at the expense of his family. One fateful day, Brennan was tasked with taking out a British politician and set about building a bomb for the mission. While he was doing so, he got into a fierce argument with his wife and due to his being distracted, he accidentally mixed the wrong chemicals together, setting off an imminent explosion. Brennan yelled for Eileen to get out of their apartment immediately; Brennan and his daughter survived but Brennan's wife was killed, forcing Brennan to abandon Eileen, his mission and the IRA.

Season 3 Edit

Eileen Brennan was born in Ohio, America, moved to London with her parents as a child, became a naturalized British Citizen, joined military intelligence, and has a jacket full of tours, in Afghanistan, Syria and the Congo.


  • Eileen brought up the massive bomb Angus MacGyver disarmed at the U.N. and the even bigger one The Ghost planted in his home a year later.[1][2]

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