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Ellen MacGyver, née Hayes
Angus MacGyver's mother.png
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ellen Hayes
Title: Doctor
Status: Deceased
Born: 07/1969
Dies: 09/1995
Originally From: Mission City, California, USA
Husband: James MacGyver
Interests: Science


Parents: Unknown
Family: Gwendolyn Hayes (Sister)
Harry MacGyver (Father-in-Law)
Children: Angus MacGyver (Son)
Education: MIT
languages: Numerous
Affiliations: DXS
Physical Description
Height: 5'8
Episode Count: 2
Character Information
First appearance: Tesla + Bell + Edison + Mac
Portrayed by: Scottie Thompson

Character Female Flag - American.png Agent.png DXS.png Deceased.png Season Four

Dr. Ellen MacGyver PhD née Hayes was a renowned former science operative for the Department of External Services, the wife of James MacGyver, the mother of Angus MacGyver and the elder sister of Gwendolyn Hayes.

She previously worked for DXS along with her sister. she had created File 47, but that was considered too extreme for the government; the government ordered it shut down and had people associated with it to be killed. She was killed in a car accident. The CIA covered it up stating that she died from cancer.


  • Ellen Macgyver has 3PhDs.