Ethan Reigns
Ethan Reigns
Biographical Information
Real Name: Ethan Reigns
Title: Agent
Status: Alive (in custody)
Originally From: America
Wife: Matilda Webber (formerly)


Children: Mara (Daughter)
languages: English


Affiliations: CIA (formerly)
Physical Description
Status: Alive (in custody)
Character Information
First appearance: Scavengers + Hard Drive + Dragonfly
Portrayed by: Brendan Hines

Character Flag - American Male CIA Agent Season 3

Ethan Reigns is Matty's EX husband and CIA agent under deep cover as revealed in S3 E07

History Edit

Ethan met Matty when he was assigned to rescue her from enemy captivity. The two eventually got to know each other better and formed a relationship. While on a mission in the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica Ethan and Matty secretly got married. The newlyweds decided to keep their marriage a secret from the CIA but a few agents like Jack Dalton knew that they were in the relationship. Ethan was given the opportunity to accept a career-defining assignment known as dragonfly which was a year-long assignment to infiltrate S-Company, the largest criminal syndicate in South Asia. Even though he was excited about the assignment Ethan was planning on turning it down in order to spend more time with his wife. Matty convinced Ethan that he should accept the operation and felt that they could pick up where they left off.

At first, Ethan did an exceptional job completing the assignment and the CIA decided to keep him in his deep cover position even after a year had passed. During Dragonfly, Ethan eventually stopped communicating with his handler which caused the CIA to believe that he was a traitor and left Matty unsure about her husband’s fate. During this time Ethan had met and married another woman and they had started a family. In order to protect his new family, Ethan decided it was safer to stop communicating with the file but he still continued to collect incriminating data on S-Company.

Season 3 Edit

When Samir Verma was arrested for smuggling he threatened to release Ethan’s true identity if the United States government did not arrange for him to be released from prison. This led to the Phoenix foundation being forced to extract Ethan and his family from S-Company. After even with successfully rescued he turned over all the evidence he collected which would help the US insert another agent into S company.

The Phoenix foundation eventually received intelligence that Ethan’s location was compromised. Matty and Jack relocated Ethan and his family to rural Nebraska and ordered him to cut all ties with his previous life.

The S company would eventually threaten his family so Ethan committed an act of treason and is currently in prison for his actions.


Season Three
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