Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241
Season 3, Episode 12
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Air date January 11, 2019
Written by Brian Durkin
Directed by Ron Underwood
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Fence + Suitcase + Americium-241 is the 12th episode of Season 3 in the remake version of MacGyver.

Plot Edit

Mac and the gang team up with a master thief Charlotte Cole, who is a mom by day, but a master thief by night, to catch an underworld criminal who only goes by the alias The Fence who hired her to steal a dirty bomb. Matty tasks Riley to pretend to be Charlotte Cole in order to find out what task the Fence has in store for Charlotte. The Fence tasks Riley to steal a dirty bomb hidden in a brief case from Silverwall in Moscow. Matty threatens Charlotte to help them to stop the dirty bomb from getting in The Fence's hands, in return for not telling her family about the truth about her activities. There are extensive security measures in which they need Charlotte's help to get through, which The Fence had mentioned that Charlotte had passed through before. The Phoenix team successively infiltrate SilverWall and find the dirty bomb. Mac determines that the bomb is made of Americium 241 and successively defuses it with Charlotte's help. Charlotte double crosses Mac and handcuffs him to the table, getting away with the suitcase. The team find the plane Charlotte is scheduled to fly back in back to Los Angeles in order to hand over to The Fence. In order to stop the bomb getting into a domestic terrorist's hands and exploding on American soil, Riley intercepts the exchange but since Riley was initially pretending to be Charlotte Cole, this forces The Fence to hesitate when they are held at gunpoint. The Fence reveals that he has Charlotte's family in captivity to determine the real Charlotte Cole. When Riley is about to be shot, Mac saves her with flaming tires, allowing Riley to escape.

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Cast Edit

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Others Edit

  • Bridget Regan as Charlotte Cole
  • Faran Tahir as The Fence
  • David Kallaway as Darren Farragut
  • Darren Darnborough as Lead Terrorist
  • Greg Corbett as Lenny
  • Angelo Diaz as Lead TAC Agent
  • Andre Pushkin as Silver Wall Security Guard
  • Samuel Moody as Sam
  • Izabella Dzmitryieu as Caliope
  • Jiri Stanek as Silver Wall Security Guard # 3

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