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File 47 was a controversial thought experiment project initiated by a team of DXS scientists. The research recognized the dangers of the climate crisis and laid out plans to cause a series of natural disasters to wipe out a large quantity of the population in order to save the Earth. Ellen MacGyver and Gwendolyn Hayes were to the lead DXS scientists on the project. Shortly before the birth of her son, Ellen MacGyver decided that she would share File 47 with some of her contacts in the government hoping that would inspire them to make reforms. The government perceived File 47 as a threat and sent CIA agent Burke to eliminate all of the researchers on the project. After Hayes joined Codex, she used File 47 of a blueprint for their missions believing it was the only way to save humanity. After the Phoenix Foundation thwarted Codex’s attack at Yellowstone National Park, Angus MacGyver presented some of his mother and aunt’s research on climate change as legitimate testimonies in hopes that it would inspire social change.