Harry Jackson (MacGyver's grandfather)
Harry Jackson
Biographical Information
Real Name: Harry Jackson
Family: Angus MacGyver (Grandson)
Height: 6' 2
Status: Deceased
Character Information
First appearance: Target MacGyver
Portrayed by: John Anderson
Remake Actor: None

Harry Jackson, Angus MacGyver's grandfather, became MacGyver's "father" after his grandmother and real father were killed in a car accident. Seven years later, he left MacGyver. After another eighteen years (stated by MacGyver as "it's been years"), Harry and MacGyver meet again in the season one episode, "Target MacGyver", in which MacGyver and his grandfather work together to defeat an assassin named Axminster (played by D'Mitch Davis). Harry dies of a heart attack in the fifth season episode "Passages".

Harry is one of the few characters to address MacGyver by a name other than "MacGyver" or "Mac," often affectionately calling him "bud."


  • The actor, John Anderson also appears in the original Hawaii Five-O in 1971.