Season 6, Episode 106
Airdate 24th September 1990
Written by Lincoln Kibbee
Guest Stars Brooks Gardner as Victor
Larry D. Mann as Cuzo
Alan Scarfe as Krik
Directed by William Gereghty
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MacGyver saves the life of a Romanian soldier who has taken him hostage. MacGyver then tries to appeal to the soldier's sense of humanity.


Nicolae Ceausescu was the Communist dictator of Romania until Christmas Day, 1989. It was one of his loyal followers that kidnaps MacGyver. Their goal had been to destroy all of the incriminating documents showing the crimes against humanity Ceausescu had committed while in power.


When MacGyver is in the jail cell, he tries to pick the lock with a bent wire - from the *inside* of the cell. There would not be a keyhole on the inside of a jail cell.

Mac gets shot in the chest, as shown by the spot of blood on his shirt, but he doesn't suffer any real effect of such a serious injury.

Even though there is a blood stain on Mac's shirt from a gunshot wound, close ups show there is no bullet hole in the shirt. It's just a stain.

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