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Jack Dalton
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Jack Wyatt Dalton Jr.
Title: Agent
Born: February 3, 1967
Dies: 2021
Originally From: Texas, USA
Interests: Sarah Adler (Ex)
Vera Kazakova (Unreciprocated)
Diane Davis (Ex)
Parents: Jack S. Dalton, Sr. (Father)
Affiliations: The Phoenix Foundation
Delta Force
Physical Description
Status: Deceased
Episode Count: 55
Character Information
First appearance: The Rising
Portrayed by: George Eads

Character Flag - American.png Male Military.png Delta Force.png Agent.png CIA.png DXS.png The Phoenix Foundation.gif Deceased.png Season One Season Two Season Three

Jack Dalton was a former agent of The Phoenix Foundation and had an impressive military background. He was most recently in an elite international task force. After he left he instructed his friend, Desi, to take his place. He was tasked with taking down a terrorist called Kovac. Kovac blew himself up and killed Jack Dalton, However, Kovac was actually a fake online persona of corrupt Croatian government officials. The Phoenix Foundation destroyed their operation solving Jack Dalton's Final Case. Anya Vitez, the woman responsible for the Kovac was imprisoned, avenging Jack's death.

Early Life

He was originally the leader of a Delta Force team before joining the CIA, where he met Matty Webber. This then led him to go back to the army where he worked protecting EOD Technicians, which, due to orders from James MacGyver, this is where he met Mac. At one point, they worked in Egypt, and they had hidden in a sarcophagus stolen from the Pyramid of Giza; this led to Jack not wanting to go back to Egypt. Years later, DXS recruited him and partnered him with Angus MacGyver and the two worked together for three years before the events of The Rising.

Season 1

Jack protects MacGyver as well as works missions with him. He has an wonderful sense of humor. He also recruits Riley Davis, who is the daughter of one of Jack's ex-girlfriends. In many ways, Riley is like a daughter to him. It is in Season 1 where the events of Mac and Jack's disastrous mission in Cairo is revealed.

Season 3

Jack is reassigned from the Phoenix Foundation to an elite international task force dedicated hunting the terrorist Tiberius Kovac. Before he left on his open-ended assignment he hand-picked his replacement as MacGyver’s partner.[1] Desirae Wing in no way begins to fill the gap left by Jack.

Season 5

He died in raid. There were leaks in the mission that resulted in his death due to the work of a mysterious person.


Unlike his partner, Jack prefers to convey his thoughts and doubts in the open rather than bottle his emotions up. This make him seem to come off as rather blunt, but he does have a sense of humor and is honorable towards his friends. Being the least scientifically inclined of the team, Jack tries to keep up with Mac's creative solutions as best as he can, but he has learned to trust his partner's ingenious methods as they have saved their lives more than once and knows him the best, having served together and working as partners for the Phoenix Foundation.

He also makes references to popular media like Die Hard or Star Wars which adds humor to the show.

While he is portrayed as a player, Jack has had a few meaningful relationships, namely with his ex-partner, Sarah Adler, and Riley's mother, Diane, and despite having ended their relationships with them, both women are on good terms with him.

Jack's only other relationship in the series, aside from Mac, is with Riley. When he was working with the CIA, he dated Diane and he and Riley grew so close, they developed a father-daughter bond. However, after fighting off Riley's abusive father, Jack left both her and Diane, leaving Riley bitter about the situation. After being recruited into the Phoenix Foundation, their relationship was fairly strained, mostly due to Riley's antagonistic attitude towards him, but over time, the two repaired their relationship and Riley accepts Jack as a father figure. Jack always tries to keep Mac safe and would give his life to save Mac. This is shown when he triggers a bomb in Afghanistan and wants Mac to leave and let him die instead of risking Mac's life trying to diffuse the bomb.


  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant: Because of his Delta Force background, Jack is able to prevail in any fight.
  • Expert Marksman: Because of career as a Delta force operative, Jack is a skilled marksman, able to handle anything from handguns to sniper rifles with frightening accuracy.
  • Expert Tactician: While he usually leaves the strategies to Mac, Jack is skilled in the use of tactics, able to properly identify disguised mercenaries by their accessories and coordinate a strike force on a cartel safe house to save MacGyver.
  • Multilingual: From his career in the CIA, Jack can speak and understand French, Russian and Dutch.


  • Jack's cover ID is bathroom tile salesman. [2]
  • According to Jack, Matilda Webber hung up on (Russian President) Vladimir Putin and he called back 10 minutes later & apologized. She also made the director of the NSA cry. [3]
  • Jack received lacerations and bruises to his face, and a possibly broken hand. [3]
  • Both MacGyver and Dalton received concussions from their helicopter crash in Kazakhstan. [3]
  • Knows Steve McGarrett from their time in the military together, the two have an ongoing friendly rivalry between Delta Force and the Navy SEALs.
  • Revealed to have previously dated Riley Davis's mom, Diane Davis. [2] [4]
  • Jack's father's birthday was on September 29, 1945. The original series premiered on September 29, 1985, exactly forty years later. [5]
  • Axial fracture to his left radius. [6]
  • When he witessed Riley's abusive dad hit her mom, Jack tuned him up.[4][7]
  • Mac and Jack were stranded in Siberia for 3 days. They both received severe frost bite. [8]
  • Jack's blood type is O Negative.[9]
  • Jack was arrested in Yemen under a cover ID, and Angus MacGyver coordinated his release. [10]
  • Jack killed 4 people with 2 bullets in Afghanistan to save Mac. [11]
  • Angus MacGyver loses his grandfather’s pocket knife to a monkey in South America, in exchange for a bomb switch. Jack buys him a new one. [12]
  • Slept with Dawn. [13]
  • Received severe burns on his feet from being inside an incinerator. [13]
  • Broke his leg in 1997 in Botswana. [14]
  • A fan of Star Wars as he regularly makes references to the movies and has an admiration for Han Solo.
  • The Team's trip to Turkey was the first time Jack was ever absent from an entire mission. [15]
  • Has his small plane pilots licence and can also fly helicopters. [16]
  • Jack revealed after a bad mission and returning home, Caleb Worthy got him off the couch that day. After he left, Jack rejoined the CIA. This led to him meeting Angus MacGyver years later. [17]
  • Was in Brazil to clean up a smuggling ring. [18]
  • There's a running joke that Jack's phone is borrowed to use in hack by MacGyver or destroyed in every episode.
  • Jack Dalton has the following on his bucket list;
    • Fist fight with Vladimir Putin in space [5]
    • Read the rest of the Harry Potter books [5]
    • Sing with Willie Nelson [5]
    • Know what it feels like to be burned alive, which has since been crossed off the list. [13]


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