Season 3, 051
Airdate 9th November 1987
Written by David Rich
Directed by James L. Conway
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The Widowmaker

Summery Edit

Jack Dalton has gone too far this time and ends up getting him and Angus MacGyver arrested and sent to a prison camp ran by a corrupt warden.

Goof Edit

Despite that the money had been the mining shaft for several years and the tunnel had been lit with several bulbs, over the years the bulb to that area would have been changed when had burned out.Light bulbs don't last forever.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Luke Askew as Warden Renfro
  • Eugene Butler as Lyle Hudson
  • Daniel Faraldo as Pepe
  • Diane Robin as Louella
  • Lance LeGault as "Bull" Bodine