Season 5, Episode 099
Airdate 19th February 1990
Written by Rick Drew & John Sheppard
Directed by Michael Caffey
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Summery Edit

When a horse trainer gets killed Angus MacGyver enlist the help of Pete Thornton and Jack Dalton to help his friend Jenny catch her father's killer a money launderer working for a Colombian drug lord.

Trivia Edit

The last credited role in TV or film for Vic Tayback, who died suddenly from a heart attack 3 months after this was originally broadcast.

First time in the series that MacGyver masquerades as Dexter the computer nerd.

Goofs Edit

MacGyver, while playing the nerdy computer geek, mispronounces the word gigabyte as "jig-a-bite".

NOTE: The goof could be on how gigabyte is pronounced, as g can be pronounced as a g, hard like guard. or like a j like Gina.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Vic Tayback as George Henderson
  • Dale Wilson as Colin Yardrow
  • Simon Webb as Underwood
  • Linda Blair as Jenny Larson