Lidar + Rogues + Duty
Season 3, Episode 16
Air date February 22, 2019
Written by Don Perez
Directed by Stephen Herek
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Lidar + Rouges + Duty is the 16th episode of Season 3 in the 2016 reboot version of MacGyver.


The Phoenix must recover the body of a pilot whose plane crashed while testing an experimental laser mapping system that MacGyver designed. Also, Riley tries to identify the hacker who tricked a SWAT team into arresting her and Elwood.


Cold Open

Elwood is trying to explain an increase of units shipped to Riley, using his laptop which fritzes out. He gets frustrated and Riley tries to calm him down. He is convinced that his inability to get through the demo at home means that he can't get through his first day on the job. Riley points out that he was almost there. She questions, however, why he lied on his résumé, but he explains that he wants the job of inventory associate at a distribution warehouse. Riley approves of the job, calling it karmic justice that he has to make sure that things don't get lost or stolen (given his record). Riley says that (white lies aside) she's proud of him. Suddenly, the LAPD breaks through the door, immobilizes them, and tells Riley that she's under arrest.


  • LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is a camera that uses lasers. It can be mounted on an airplane and get detailed three dimensional images of everything below, even through dense tree canopy.
  • Desi puts her hand to her right ear when listening to the radio patch-in through her comm. Later on, she does the same to her left ear when talking to Phoenix.
  • One of the terms of Riley's parole is that she is not allowed to access a computer. Even though the SWATing was for a wrong reason, she was actually violating her probation by helping her father and would have been sent back to prison. Matty would not have been able to get her out without blowing her cover.



Desiree Nguyen: Director Webber said I should familiarize myself with the lab and give you a hand.
Wilt Bozer: And this has been you helping?
Desiree Nguyen: I'm lending moral support.
Wilt Bozer: Right. Thank-you.
Desiree Nguyen: You're welcome.
Wilt Bozer: I was bein' sarcastic!
Desiree Nguyen: Whatever.


Main Cast



  • Chad Michael Collins as Reese
  • James Devoti as Agent Paxton
  • David Diaz as Lead Soldier
  • David Alexander Kaplan as Kyle
  • Carl Kennedy as Phoenix Tech
  • Rya Meyers as Rose
  • Alec Rayme as Agent Spencer
  • Carl Riedel as SWAT #1 (credited as Carl H. Riedel)
  • Tierney Smith as Cassie

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