Season 5, Episode 096
Airdate 15th January 1990
Written by Rick Mittleman
Guest Stars James Sloyan as George Fraley
Glenn Scarpelli as Tony Milani
Linda Darlow as the Principal
Jerry Wasserman as Nick Milani
Directed by Harry Harris
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MacGyver is mentoring a troubled high school student who drops out of school to work at a construction site with his dad. While there, the kid discovers that the site may be unsafe when he witnesses a safety inspector being bribed.


Guest stars Christopher Judge as Deron, who would later co-star as Teal'c with Richard Dean Anderson in Stargate SG-1 (1997).


(at around 1 min) When the security guard asks Mr. Fraley about him working late, the boom mic can bee seen above the guard's head.

When Mr Fraley sees Mac working late he asks what he's doing there at almost midnight. Moments later Tony gets caught at the school and him and Mac head to the construction site. The security guard asks what he's doing at the site at 3am. Mac and Tony return to the school, the clock in the darkroom shows 4am. Why did it take 3 hrs to get to the site and less than an hour to return?

It would take more than two or three pumps on the spray-bottle's handle to purge the "original" liquid from the intake-tube and draw up the "new" glycerol/water mixture that was now in the bottle.