Season 5, Episode 097
Airdate 5th February 1990
Written by Lee Maddux
Guest Stars Nancy Everhard as Amy Chandler
John Considine as Foxworth
Patrick Bishop as Braddock
Kim Kondrashoff as Glass
French Tickner as Sheriff Delaney
Doug Sheehan as Jack Chandler
Directed by William Gereghty
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MacGyver goes undercover as a logger in the Pacific Northwest in order to expose the illegal practices of a Japanese businessman.


The logging truck's engine is fairly loud when Mac is standing next to the back of it when the driver jerks the truck backwards, yet when the truck moves slowly forward to pull away, the engine's sound is quite faint.

When the police cars pull up to the dead body at the saw mill, there are tire tracks in the ground exactly where the police cars pull up and exactly at the curve they take, indicating that either those were marks to show the drivers where to pull up for the scene or that they were left behind from a previous take.