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Biographical Information
Real Name: Nasha
Originally From: Nigerian
Current Location: Nigeria, Africa
Interests: Angus MacGyver(Ex)
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 3
Character Information
First appearance: Improvise
Portrayed by: Sibongile Mlambo

Character  Female Season Three

Nasha is the Angus MacGyver's Ex girlfriend and school teacher. She lives in Nigeria, Africa.

Season 3

Nasha and Angus MacGyver have been dating for the past couple of months ever since he moved to Nigeria, Africa. In the episode Macgyver's father comes to see him so he leaves to save Jack Dalton. At the end of the episode, he video-chats with her at the airport, as he plans on returning to Nigeria. However he stays because of Murdoc.

Nasha is mentioned but does not appear.

Macgyver video chats with her to show her how to do build an object.

Murdoc had been cyberstalking Nasha pretending to be MacGyver. He kidnapped her and locked her in a small cell tied up. Murdoc manipulated MacGyver to save his son. While MacGyver did that, Bozer and Jack saved her. Afterwards, she is seen at MacGyver's house.

Angus MacGyver informed Riley that he and Nasha were taking some time apart.


  • Nasha is a School Teacher [1]


Season Three
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