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Nicholas Helman
Nicholas Helman
Biographical Information
Real Name: Nicholas Helman
Originally From: Unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Affiliations: Murdoc (Student)
Physical Description
Status: Alive
Character Information
First appearance: Murdoc + Handcuffs
Portrayed by: Michael Des Barres

Character Flag - American Male Criminal Military Agent Season 2

Nicholas Helman was the Chairman of the Board for HIT, (Homicide International Trust) a criminal group who contract assassins all over the world as well as being involved in illegal arms trades. Helman himself was a first rate assassin who trained Murdoc in his deadly art of death.

Early lifeEdit

Fresh out of high school, Murdoc joined the first army that would have him. He had a burgeoning interest in shooting people, and his new friends were willing to indulge him. So they sent me to train with Nicholas Helman. After Helman trained him and the country they'd sworn allegiance to ceased to exist, they went to work for some very bad people. Until one day, Helman met this woman, fell in love and decided to quit the business. So they sent him in to kill Helman. Murdoc tried to kill him, missed, but killed her instead, and Helman's been chasing him ever since. That's why he's never stayed in the same place for long, always waiting for him to catch up and make good on his promise. [1]

Season 2Edit


  • Murdoc mentioned, he and Nicholas Helman worked for a country until it 'ceased to exist'. He could have been talking about. The United Arab Republic, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and East Germany. However, given his approximate age, he would have been oto young, or only served (including training) for a year.
    • Chechnya is located in Eastern Europe, and virtually independent from Russia from 1996 as Chechen Republic of Ichkeria, however the country was recognized only by Taliban. After terrorist attacks in 1999 the republic was returned to Russia's control in the Second Chechen War. He could have worked for them for four years, and the time line with such a war-torn country adds up.


References Edit

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