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Penny Parker
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Penny Parker
Born: 1990
Originally From: Mission City, USA
Current Location: Los Angeles, USA
Interests: Angus MacGyver (First Kiss)
Physical Description
Height: 5' 6
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 2
Character Information
First appearance: Wire Cutter
Portrayed by: Bianca Malinowski

Character Flag - American.png Female Season One

Penny Parker is Angus MacGyver's first kiss, and oldest friend.

Early Life

Season 1


  • Theater major with a minor in psychology.


Season One
The Rising Metal Saw Awl Wire Cutter Toothpick Wrench Can Opener Corkscrew Chisel Pliers Scissors
Screwdriver Large Blade Fish Scaler Magnifying Glass Hook Ruler Flashlight Compass Hole Puncher Cigar Cutter
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