Penny Parker
Biographical Information
Title: Dancer
Character Information
First appearance: Every Time She Smiles
Portrayed by: Teri Hatcher

Penny Parker and MacGyver meet in line at an airport in Bulgaria ("Every Time She Smiles") when she tries to smuggle some jewels out of the country in his pocket. With little talent, but big dreams, her pursuit of a show business career gets her into trouble more than once; she is sometimes used by Murdoc as an unwitting pawn in his attempts to eliminate MacGyver.


Season 1 Episode 16 - Every Time She Smiles
Season 2 Episode 13 - Soft Touch
Season 2 Episode 20 - Friends
Season 4 Episode 1 - The Secret Of Parker House
Season 4 Episode 9 - Cleo Rocks
Season 5 Episode 12 - Serenity