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Phoenix Foundation
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The Phoenix Foundation, is non-profit think tank and government contractor. It often cooperates with government agencies, particularly the police or intelligence community. However it also does a great deal of work on its own; environmental surveys and clean-up operations, anti-drug initiatives, social programs, etc. The Phoenix Foundation is described as a "corporate white knight," an entity which is trusted and respected by the general public for its integrity. One of the organization's main aims during the 1980s and early 1990s was the expansion and furthering of new technologies within the United States, such as computer applications and systems, applied biosciences, and other socially responsible uses of technology.

Located initially in a single high security building designed and built by Lawton Enterprises, it's later seen that the foundation had another separate facility which seemed to consist entirely of underground laboratories. Both buildings were very hi-tech, both in design and incorporated systems, from security right through to an apparently very accurate stock inventory system. This high security afforded the foundation the ability to provide secure research and development facilities to military, who enlisted the foundations help in a number of projects.

The Phoenix Foundation is active in many areas of research and development other than military; these included such things as law enforcement, environmental research, protection initiatives, and public assistance programs, such as hearing restoration for the deaf. It also provides other consultation services such as mediation and negotiation, witness protection reassignment, environmental impact consultation to name but a few.

A number of foundation staff are ex-DXS agents, who saw the foundation as a way of continuing the peace process they started at the DXS. Most of them maintain their security clearance levels, which aids the foundation's abilities to work around "red tape" and politics, to get speedy results where other agencies wouldn’t be able to. It has been speculated that the “Western Division,” seen on some of the foundation's signs, would indicate that there are various satellite departments around the country, and possibly even worldwide, although this was never confirmed.

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