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Russia Exists in the Macgyver storyline as well as the real world so some information comes from sources outside of macgyver.

Map: Map of Russia
Real Name: Российская Федерация

Rossiyskaya Federatsiya

Prime Minister: Dmitry Medvedev
President: Vladimir Putin
Capital: Moscow
Official Languages: Russian
Population: 144.4 Million
Currency: Russian ruble
Cities: Siberia
Affiliations: Europe
First Appearance: The Rising

Russia first appears in The Rising.

Season 1Edit

  • 27 researchers die in Siberia from a biological weapon. [1]
  • The group collect Alexander Orlov and Viktor Levkin's and goes to Russia to stop an old bomb from the cold war and find an old computer needed to interface with the bomb and stop a second Cold War. [2]

Season 3Edit

  • One chilly evening in Moscow, Russia, the sunset sparkled off the spires of Saint Basil's Cathedral. Murdoc peered through the scope on my M40 sniper rifle, he spied a glint of gunmetal on the adjacent rooftop. And there was Amber, a vision in tactical body armor, aiming at his mark, trying to snake his hit. They both fired at the same time, their slugs hit simultaneously. Afterward, we couldn't agree on whose kill it was, so decided to split the money and a bottle of vodka. [3]
  • The Russian military captured The Ghost with a group of Chechen rebels. They stuck The Ghost in a military installation completely unaware that they had one of the best bomb makers in the history of modern warfare in custody. One of Eileen Brennan's contact managed to smuggle a recording of an interrogation out of the Russian military installation as proof. Soon after, Matilda Webber forwarding Riley Davis forged Russian military documents for the prisoner transfer. [4]


  • Russia is part of both Europe and Asia, what is commonly referred to as Eurasia.


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