Save + The + Dam + World
Season 4, Episode 13
Air date May 8, 2020
Written by Terry Matalas (Story), Cindy Appel (Teleplay)
Directed by Carlos Bernard
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Save + The + Dam + World is the 13th episode of Season 4 in the 2016 reboot version of MacGyver.


With Mac and Riley undercover with Codex, hoping to stop the organization from within, their mission is interrupted when Russ, Desi and the Phoenix team move to prevent Codex from detonating a weapon of mass destruction, with Mac and Riley caught in the crosshairs. Also, the team discovers Russ’ real reason for purchasing the Phoenix Foundation.


They head out to deal with stuff. Russ and Desi meet up with them. Riley and Angus head to a warehouse to meet up with people. Codex realized that MacGyver was still working for Phoenix so he ordered a helicopter to fire on them at the warehouse.


Death Counts


Gwendolyn: [to MacGyver as she is about to sacrifice herself] You deserve the world. And the world deserves you.

Russ: [he and Desi are holding Mac and Riley at gunpoint] Well, well, well. The fam's all here.

Riley: [Desi is still angry at Mac for his betrayal] Everything okay?

MacGyver: No. No, definitely not.

Riley: Got it.

[Mac drives off]

Russ: Sorry about the, uhhh... gun in your face thing

MacGyver: Eh, what's a gun in the face between friends?


  • In the original series, MacGyver's first name, Angus, was a family name. In this series, the flashback revealed that he was named after a sign next to the car where his mother gave birth to him.
  • This marks season finale of a 13-episode season. On November 6, 2019, CBS increased the order of this season from 13 episodes to 22. By the time production was shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the season was reduced to 20 episodes with 19 episodes completed. The producers and the CBS executives then decided to keep the 13th episode as the finale for both the CODEX story arc and this season. The 6 remaining episodes filmed for season 4 moved to air as season 5 episodes.





  • Zach McGowan as Roman
  • Scottie Thompson as Ellen MacGyver
  • Tobin Bell as Leland
  • Mary Elizabeth Kirkpatrick as Ella (Scarlett's sister)
  • Drey Wigfall as Agent #1
  • Annie Cook as Senator Burnett
  • Satya Polisetti as Aide

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