Season 1, Episode 12
Screwdriver - Promotional Images 1
Air date January 6, 2017
Written by Peter Lenkov
Craig O’Neill
David Slack
Directed by Craig Siebels
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Screwdriver is the 12th episode of Season 1 in the remake version of MacGyver.


Using a screwdriver and bug spray, MacGyver must find the U.S. government mole who is leaking classified intel to the organization that is trying to take down The Phoenix Foundation. Also, Sarah returns to help with the mission, and Nikki reappears, but Mac can’t tell which side she’s on.


Sarah Adler returns and has found Nikki Carpenter, enlisting the team to help bring her in. However, Nikki claims she is actually working for the CIA in an effort to bring down the Organization. Mac, Jack, Sarah and Nikki attempt to set up a sting to draw out a mole working for the Organization, while Riley and Bozer visit Murdoc for more information. The team later discovers that the mole is within The Phoenix Foundation.


  • This episode takes place in America.



  • This marks the last appearance of Sandrine Holt (Patricia Thornton) in the opening credits and also as a series regular as Holt departed this series shortly after this episode aired.


(doorbell rings)
Angus MacGyver: Can you get that?
Jack Dalton: I can, but I won't.
Angus MacGyver: Are you serious? Why not?
Jack Dalton: House rules.
Angus MacGyver: House rules—what does that even mean?
Jack Dalton: It means it's your house. You got to answer the door. What's the matter with you? That's proper etiquette.

Sarah Adler: (to Jack) I'm just gonna stop you right here before you say something we both regret, because you'll be sterile and I'll be in jail.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast


  • Preston James Hillier as Jeff
  • Sammi Rotibi as Hasan
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