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Season 1
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Background Information
Title: Season 1
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson

Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Dana ElcarRobin Mossley
Elyssa Davalos

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29th September 1985




The Assassin

  • During Seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 1

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
001 Pilot A mysterious explosion demolishes an underground lab. Can MacGyver single-handedly rescue the trapped scientists, and stop a deadly chemical leak? 29 September 1985
002 The Golden Triangle While retrieving a poison-filled canister from a crash site in Burma, MacGyver is forced to take on a powerful drug lord when he is mistaken for a narcotics agent. 6 October 1985
003 Thief Of Budapest In Budapest, MacGyver obtains vital microfilm|microfilmed information hidden inside a watch. But when the watch is stolen, MacGyver has to find the thief: a young Gypsy girl. 13 October 1985
004 The Gauntlet MacGyver goes up against an entire army when he helps an American journalist escape across the border of a South America|South American dictatorship. 21 October 1985
005 The Heist A Virgin Islands casino owner steals $60 million in diamonds. MacGyver and an American senator's daughter plot to steal them back from the casino's impregnable vault. 3 November 1985
006 Trumbo's World Deep in the primitive Amazon jungle, MacGyver teams with an entomologist friend and a local plantation owner to battle an invading horde of killer ants. 10 November 1985
007 Last Stand Armed robbers make the mistake of accidentally taking MacGyver hostage. Now, their inadvertent captive uses his extraordinary skills to thwart the gang and free the other hostages. 17 November 1985
008 Hellfire MacGyver's friends strike oil, but an out-of-control fire threatens to destroy all they own. They turn to MacGyver as the only one who can extinguish the inferno and save the oil. 27 November 1985
009 The Prodigal A protected Federal witness wants to come out of hiding to visit his dying mother. 8 December 1985
010 Target MacGyver MacGyver destroys a Middle-Eastern nuclear reactor, whose operators then set a professional assassin on him. Mac goes to visit his grandfather in order to lie low, but the assassin tracks him down. 22 December 1985
011 Nightmares MacGyver is poisoned with a hallucinogenic drug and he only has a short time to find and take the antidote before the poison kills him. 15 January 1986
012 Deathlock When MacGyver is taken to a safehouse following an operation, it turns out that the place has been boobytrapped by an assassin. 22 January 1986
013 Flame's End An old girlfriend is in trouble and calls MacGyver when she discovers a plot to steal Uranium from the nuclear reactor where she works. 29 January 1986
014 Countdown MacGyver teams up with an old buddy from 'Nam to defuse a time bomb aboard a cruise ship loaded with passengers. 5 February 1986
015 The Enemy Within MacGyver must discover the identity of a mole within the agency who is responsible for the deaths of four top agents. 12 February 1986
016 Every Time She Smiles While trying to escape Bulgaria with secret microfilm, MacGyver meets a beautiful American actress who accidentally gets him caught by the secret police. 19 February 1986
017 To Be A Man Sent to Afghanistan to retrieve a downed satellite, MacGyver is shot down and wounded. He is sheltered by a woman and her son and must rely on their help to escape the Red Army. 5 March 1986
018 Ugly Duckling MacGyver helps out a young genius computer hacker who gets kidnapped by arms dealers who need help with stolen missiles. 12 March 1986
019 Slow Death MacGyver helps Indian tribesmen who hijack a train in search for two men who sold them poisons disguised as medicine. 2 April 1986
020 The Escape MacGyver cooks up an elaborate plot to break a medical missionary out of a prison in French North Africa; once they escape, a big surprise awaits. 16 April 1986
021 A Prisoner Of Conscience MacGyver must fake insanity so that he and Pete can get into a Russian mental hospital and break out a political dissident. 30 April 1986
022 The Assassin MacGyver helps to nab an assassin and then must disguise himself as the assassin in order to unravel the rest of the plot. 7 May 1986

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