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Season 2
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Background Information
Title: Season 2
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson

Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Dana ElcarRobin Mossley
Elyssa Davalos

No. of Seasons:


No. of episodes:



29th September 1985


The Human Factor


For Love Or Money

  • During Seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 2

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
023 The Human Factor When MacGyver is sent in to test security at a top secret military lab, the artificially intelligent central computer traps him inside and he has to outsmart it to escape. September 22, 1986
024 The Eraser A hitman passes himself off as a father looking for his lost son, causing MacGyver to help him find his target. September 29, 1986
025 Twice Stung MacGyver and some friends from the Phoenix Foundation must con a con man in order win back a man's life savings. October 6, 1986
026 The Wish Child MacGyver must rescue the brother of a friend when the boy gets tricked by scam artists to pass himself as the fulfillment of ancient Chinese legend. October 20, 1986
027 Final Approach MacGyver is stranded in the wilderness with a group of teenage gang members; he must get them to put aside their differences long enough to survive the ordeal. October 27, 1986
028 Jack Of Lies MacGyver's friend, Jack Dalton, tricks him into going to Central America to rescue a botanist, but it turns out to be an old friend of theirs. November 3, 1986
029 The Road Not Taken MacGyver runs into an old girlfriend when he and Pete go into Southeast Asia to help a group of orphans escape soldiers intent on killing them. November 10, 1986
030 Eagles MacGyver is sent up into the mountains to find out about two endangered eagles; he also finds poachers who try to kill him. November 17, 1986
031 Silent World A group of international thieves try to steal a top secret missile and MacGyver's deaf friend has dreams that help them catch the bad guys. November 24, 1986
032 Three For The Road MacGyver, a has been actor and the actor's wife are on the run from mob when they accidentally come into possession of counterfeit money. December 15, 1986
033 Phoenix Under Siege MacGyver and his grandfather stop by the foundation on their way to a hockey game to pick up the tickets; terrorists are there setting a bomb and trap MacGyver and his grandfather in the building. January 5, 1987
034 Family Matter When Pete's ex-wife and son are kidnapped by a disgruntled former agent, MacGyver must come to the rescue. January 12, 1987
035 Soft Touch MacGyver rescues a political prisoner from Russia and, while protecting him, MacGyver must foil a plot to assassinate a South American government official. January 19, 1987
036 Birth Day MacGyver must help a pregnant woman escape her ex-convict husband who intends to murder her after she discovers a secret about him. February 2, 1987
037 Pirates MacGyver must rescue a friend when she is kidnapped by pirates convinced she can lead them to sunken treasure. February 9, 1987
038 Out In The Cold MacGyver and Pete are skiing when a mob informant plants microfilm on MacGyver; after getting back home the mob comes after them. February 16, 1987
039 Dalton, Jack Of Spies Jack fakes his own death and MacGyver must help him clear his name after he is accused of murdering a CIA agent. February 23, 1987
040 Partners A surprise enemy (Murdock) kidnaps Macgyver and Pete on the 7th anniversary of their friendship with Jack. 2 March 1987
041 Bushmaster When MacGyver goes to South America to rescue a downed pilot, the pilot's daughter stows away on the trip to try and help. March 23, 1987
042 Friends Jack lures MacGyver to the Phoenix Foundation for a surprise birthday party where many of his friends from past adventures are waiting; this makes him reconsider his recently tendered resignation. April 6, 1987
043 D.O.A.: MacGyver MacGyver's friend is killed after telling him of a bomb to be planted at a funeral; while escaping his friend's killers, he receives a head injury which causes amnesia. April 27, 1987
044 For Love Or Money MacGyver must work with an agent he doesn't like in order to break a political prisoner out of Czechoslovakia. May 4, 1987
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