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Background Information
Title: Season 3
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson

Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Dana ElcarRobin Mossley
Elyssa Davalos

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No. of episodes:



September 21, 1987


Lost Love (Part 1)


Murderer's Sky

  • During Seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 3

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
045 Lost Love (Part 1) While protecting a priceless Chinese artifact, MacGyver encounters an old flame, whom he thought was dead. September 21, 1987
046 Lost Love (Part 2) While protecting a priceless Chinese artifact, MacGyver try to rescue his love from danger. September 28, 1987
047 Back From The Dead MacGyver helps a former hit-man in the witness protection program after the mob rediscovers him. October 5, 1987
048 Ghost Ship While on an assignment to plant beacons in the wilderness, MacGyver stumbles upon something unexpected. October 19, 1987
049 Fire And Ice After his friend is killed, MacGyver must go after the killer, who is also a diamond thief and a diplomat with immunity. October 26, 1987
050 GX-1 MacGyver and another agent he doesn't like much must beat the Soviets to find a downed experimental USAF fighter jet. November 2, 1987
051 Jack In The Box MacGyver's friend's antics get them both thrown into a Southern work camp with a corrupt warden. November 9, 1987
052 The Widowmaker While grieving over the loss of a friend, MacGyver's old nemesis, Murdoc, finds him and tries to end what he started years ago. November 16, 1987
053 Hell Week MacGyver is picked to judge a contest at his old college, but an upset student makes a bomb which MacGyver must defuse. November 23, 1987
054 Blow Out MacGyver must figure out why terrorists are trying to kill a fellow agent. December 21, 1987
055 Kill Zone When a virus that causes things to grow old quickly is accidentally unleashed, MacGyver must stop it. January 4, 1988
056 Early Retirement Pete is framed for an accident, and MacGyver has to prove his innocence before those who framed him carry out their plan. January 18, 1988
057 Thin Ice While helping his hospitalized high school hockey coach take the school team to the state championship, MacGyver must deal with the star player's bad temper. February 1, 1988
058 The Odd Triple Jack Dalton unwittingly gets MacGyver involved in a high profile jewelry heist; Pete must come to their rescue. February 29, 1988
059 The Negotiator A real estate developer tries to have MacGyver killed when his environmental study threatens a major oceanfront development project. March 7, 1988
060 The Spoilers MacGyver and a hermit from the mountains work to try and stop a group from illegally dumping toxic waste. March 14, 1988
061 Mask Of The Wolf MacGyver and Jack must help an elderly Native American try and stop two men intent on stealing a tribal artifact. March 28, 1988
062 Rock The Cradle MacGyver and Jack are stuck caring for an abandoned baby while looking for the mother, who is on the run. April 18, 1988
063 The Endangered MacGyver goes to visit and old girlfriend who is now a park ranger and must help her stop a group of poachers. May 2, 1988
064 Murderer's Sky When an elderly Chinese man is murdered by criminals who want to take over his business, MacGyver and the man's grandson must work together to thwart the criminals. May 9, 1988

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