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Season 5
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Background Information
Title: Season 5
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson

Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Dana ElcarRobin Mossley
Elyssa Davalos

No. of Seasons:


No. of episodes:



September 18, 1989


Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 1)



  • During Seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 5

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
084 Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 1) MacGyver is enticed by an archaeologist friend to join her quest for the Holy Grail. September 18, 1989
085 Legend Of The Holy Rose (Part 2) MacGyver and Zoe's search is interrupted by Von Leer stealing ancient artifacts they need. September 25, 1989
086 The Black Corsage MacGyver joins bounty hunter Frank Colton to track Bulgarian scientist Sophia Ross running from bandits looking for an ancient gem. October 2, 1989
087 Cease Fire Assisting the negotiations between two countries at a Swiss conference, MacGyver is framed for an assassination attempt on president Habad. October 9, 1989
088 Second Chance MacGyver heads a project bringing young Amerasians to the U.S., but his companion meets the son he didn't know he had. October 16, 1989
089 Halloween Knights The ruthless Murdoc asks MacGyver's help to free his innocent sister, being held captive by the "Homicide International Trust". October 30, 1989
090 Children Of Light Chinese student Mei Jan arrives at MacGyver's home claiming to be his foster daughter, but secretly holds evidence of the massacre at Tiananmen Square. November 6, 1989
091 Black Rhino In Africa, MacGyver helps Billy Colton nail a poacher who butchers endangered black rhinos for their valuable horns. November 13, 1989
092 The Ten Percent Solution MacGyver investigates a WWII concentration camp survivor's claim to a masterpiece painting as they uncover a splinter Nazi plot to auction stolen artworks to finance its plot to create an "Aryan Nation". November 20, 1989
093 Two Times Trouble MacGyver's rock singer friend Roxie thinks her twin sister Carla is trying to kill her. December 11, 1989
094 The Madonna MacGyver helps a priest friend search on Christmas Eve for a church's stolen Madonna statue with the involvement of an unusual homeless woman staying at the Challenger Club, who seems surrounded by minor miracles. December 18, 1989
095 Serenity MacGyver dreams that he is in the Old West aiming to retire with a claim to a Montana ranch home, but encounters resistance from neighbor rancher Thornton. January 8, 1990
096 Live And Learn MacGyver & Pete start a program in a high dropout high school. MacGyver helps a student who struggles between an academic path to electrical engineering and his construction working father. January 15, 1990
097 Log Jam MacGyver infiltrates a logging company with ties to the Yakuza. February 5, 1990
098 The Treasure Of Manco MacGyver helps a friend find some Incan treasure in Peru and crosses paths with another old friend who is the leader of a rebel army. . February 12, 1990
099 Jenny's Chance MacGyver, Jack Dalton, and Pete Thornton go undercover as a computer geek, a drug lord, and a dirty bookie to force a dangerous money launderer to give up. February 19, 1990
100 Deep Cover A spy steals a prototype stealth submarine by seducing its main engineer. February 26, 1990
101 The Lost Amadeus An eccentric woman leads MacGyver on a wild adventure to save a priceless violin and the virtuoso owner. March 19, 1990
102 Hearts Of Steel A bitter executive of a closed steel mill seeks vengeance by kidnapping the daughter of the corporate raider responsible for the closure. April 9, 1990
103 Rush To Judgement MacGyver is a juror in an intense murder trial, and can't resist investigating on his own. April 16, 1990
104 Passages On the way to his ailing grandfather, MacGyver detours to pursue a thief of an Egyptian artifact linked to the afterlife. Attacked by the thief, he is hospitalized and in a coma in which he reconnects with his deceased grandfather and parents. April 30, 1990

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