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Season 7
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Background Information
Title: Season 7
Cast: Richard Dean Anderson

Dana Elcar
Bruce McGill
Dana ElcarRobin Mossley
Elyssa Davalos

No. of Seasons:


No. of episodes:



September 16, 1991


Honest Abe


Mountain Of Youth

  • During Seasons 47, the show revolved more around social issues such as guns and runaway teens than did the episodes in seasons 13, which were mostly about Angus MacGyver's adventures working for the United States government, and then later the Phoenix Foundation.

Season 7

# Title Plot Summary First broadcast
126 Honest Abe A friend's son's bar mitzvah is interrupted by MacGyver being needed in the fictitious Caribbean nation of San Rochelle to rescue a prototype helicopter. An undercover CIA agent and a terrorist delay MacGyver. September 16, 1991
127 The Hood MacGyver's houseboat destruction forces him into a new neighborhood where he meets a young woman in trouble with hit men. September 23, 1991
128 Obsessed Nightmares about Murdoc affect MacGyver as he provides security at the criminal trial of a deposed dictator. September 30, 1991
129 The Prometheus Syndrome A psychopathic arsonist kills one of MacGyver's friends. October 7, 1991
130 The Coltons The bounty hunters search for a young woman who is an important murder witness. October 14, 1991
131 The Walking Dead A student activist is kidnapped and Haitian voodoo is used for extortion. October 21, 1991
132 Good Knight MacGyver (Part 1) A concussion sends MacGyver to King Arthur's Court, where his strange ways threaten Merlin's magic, but they also save magician. November 4, 1991
133 Good Knight MacGyver (Part 2) MacGyver finishes helping Merlin to free Galahad's Cecilia and stop wicked Morgana. November 11, 1991
134 Deadly Silents MacGyver helps a silent movie comedian save the remaining prints of his work which are stolen by a dramatic pair. November 18, 1991
135 Split Decision MacGyver's boxer buddy Earl Dent struggles with custody of his daughter against bad bookies who want him to throw his comeback fight. December 2, 1991
136 Gunz 'N Boyz A Challenger Club youth gets too deep in gang violence. December 16, 1991
137 Off The Wall A slumlord unjustly evicts MacGyver's young graffiti artist friend and his grandmother. December 30, 1991
138 The Stringer MacGyver helps a Chinese dissident and gets help from an unexpected source: his son. January 6, 1992
139 Mountain Of Youth MacGyver and Jack Dalton search for the fountain of youth. January 13, 1992

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