Season 5, Episode 088
Airdate 16th October 1989
Written by Robert Sherman
Guest Stars Richard Lawson as Jesse Colton
Kim Miyori as Dr. Triwai
Barry Bernal as Willie
Channing Mitchell as Raj
Malcolm Stewart as Frank Skinner
Directed by Michael Caffey
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Renegade America service men steal everything that's not nailed down in Thailand, creating a life-threatening situation. MacGyver helps set things right, while helping an old friend get acquainted with a son he never knew he had.


Barry Bernal, the actor playing 15-year-old Willie, was 26 years old when this episode aired.


The sequence where Mac is preparing to use his improvised blow dart is shown out of sequence. He's first shown placing the plastic tube on the fencing, then he's shown holding the tube about to put it on the fence, and then the tube is shown placed while he inserts the hypodermic into the tube.

Unless changed since 1989, they drive on the left hand side of the road in Thailand. Cars are seen driving on the right.