Target MacGyver
Season 1, Episode 10
Target MacGyver
Airdate 22nd December 1985
Written by Mike Marvin, Stephen Kandel & James Schmerer
Directed by Ernest Pintoff
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Target MacGyver is the 10th episode of Season 1 in the original version of MacGyver.


MacGyver decides to visit his grandfather Harry. When he arrives, people want MacGyver dead. Since he is with his grandfather, Harry will need to be die as well.


MacGyver finds out a general is being held captive in a house at the edge of a public beach.

Once at the house, MacGyver sneaks into the kitchen and sets up a timed distraction of crashing pots and pans to allow him to evacuate the general from the house and then set up a trap to catch the two captors. He “traps” them under a beach chair, and then grabs one of their guns and holds them hostage until the authorities arrive.


  • Home. Enough is enough. I will not, under any circumstances, for any reason whatsoever answer the phone ... probably ... again. - MacGyver
  • I like to take care of my own messes. - MacGyver
  • Big on aliens in Alabama. - MacGyver

No lie, full of strange people. That's why I'm goin' north. Back to see my family for a while. - Guy on bus Makes sense. - MacGyver

  • I hadn't seen my grandfather since I was ten. He was all the family I had - and we were strangers. - MacGyver
  • Hi. MacGyver here. When you hear the beep, let me know what's on your mind. - Answering machine message
  • What a beautiful part of the world. It has everything but people. - MacGyver
  • I never forget a grandfather. - MacGyver
  • You haven't changed. - MacGyer

Haven't had to, and I don't plan to. - Harry

  • "Still tough as a dirty boot, aren't you." - MacGyver
  • C'mon, Harry. You're the one who used to tell me: you don't fish for fish, you fish for fishin'. - MacGyver
  • You sure that'll work? - Harry

Nope. - MacGyver Bud, you are a comfort - Harry

  • When I was a kid, I used to chew pine pitch like it was gum. It tasted alright - but it burned a lot better. - MacGyver
  • They've been falling for your foolishness; I figured I'd try some of my own. - Harry
  • I just hope it's worth losing that trout. - Harry
  • You gotta hit 'em just right! - Harry


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

John Anderson as Harry Jackson
D'Mitch Davis as Axminster