Season 5, Episode 086
Airdate 2nd October 1989
Written by Paul Margolis
Guest Stars Christianne Hirt as Sofia Parker
Ryan Michael as Deegan
David Hay as March
Cleavon Little as Frank Colton
David Bloom as Reynolds
Directed by Charles Correll
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A female defector, who is a witness to a murder, is protected by the Phoenix Foundation. She also holds the key to the location of a priceless necklace.


Originally, the character of Jesse Colton, played by Richard Lawson from another episode "The Doltons," was supposed to appear in this one, but Lawson was unavailable so the brother of his character, Frank, was created.

The number to the Phoenix Foundation is 555-3493.

First appearance of MacGyver's '46 Chevy truck. Up until this point, he's always driven the black jeep.