The Gun
Season 6, Episode 107
Airdate 1st October 1990
Written by Robert Sherman
Guest Stars Charles Andrew Payne as Breeze
Zachary Ansley as Todd Fowler
Julie Downing as Laura
Jerry Wasserman as Maddox
Jay Brazeau as Zamora
Directed by William Gereghty
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When a cop is shot, a gun used to assassinate a presidential candidate years ago is found, leading investigators to accuse MacGyver's friend from the youth center of the crime.


This episode was produced in reaction to the murder of actress Rebecca Schaeffer by a crazed fan.

Pete Thornton: Well, that is about 1,000 guns that nobody is gonna use on anybody else.
MacGyver: Yeah. A 1,000 down. Only a 100 million to go.


MacGyver and other characters are locked inside a container with heavy weapons for transport. This is not a plausible course of action for any credible weapons industry merchant. In particular, this was a candy shop for someone like Mac.

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