Season 5, Episode 092
Airdate 20th November 1989
Written by Tom & Sally Drake
Guest Stars Nehemiah Persoff as Sam
Barbara Stock as Laura
Gretchen Wyler as Madame Brandenburg
Garry Chalk as Sergeant Gray
John Novak as Lyle Hoggart
Directed by Michael Preece
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Episode aired 20 November 1989


A massive neo-Nazi movement within the American political system is uncovered by MacGyver after investigating the claims by a Holocaust survivor.


Mac and Dr. Sand ask Sam when the painting was stolen from his home in Poland. Sam says October 1948, but the war ended in 1945. He would not be sent to a concentration camp *after* it had been liberated.

Incorrectly regarded as goofs
When Sam reads to Mac what is written on the sheet of paper the date is written "40.10.11" which is not usual in German language. The correct date would be "DD.MM.(YY)YY" and if there should be a painting by that name it would not be "die Hügeln von Antwerp", it would be correctly "Die Hügel von Antwerp/Antwerpen". Antwerpen is German, Antwerp is Flemish/Dutch. Maybe the title at that time would use the Flemish/dutch name Antwerp. Also in the 1940's the style to write the letters was quite different from the way they are written on the paper. Also the quotation mark before "Die Hügel.." would look like ",," not like "", since in German they are in a low position at the start of a quote. However, these differences were likely made to make them more understandable to English speakers who would have likely found the German way confusing.