Season 5, Episode 098
Airdate 12th February 1990
Written by Chris Haddock
Guest Stars Theresa Saldana as Maria
Michael Bays as Ramon
Richard Chaves as Enrique
Gregory Sierra as Captain Diaz
Directed by Michael Preece
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A friend of MacGyver's is killed in Peru looking for a mythical treasure. MacGyver helps his daughter to continue her father's quest.


At the end of this episode, MacGyver quoted "Seeds of Change'. The thing is that there is a site where one can get heirloom seed, which are orginac since 1989. So if you are interedted in getting heirloom seeds, check this place out, the url is: Seeds of Change


Rain falling and dry weather between assorted shots of the military encampment.

When Mac, Maria, Enrique and Ramon remove the stones around the one with the condor on it, it looks like the "stones" wobble and are being compressed, as if they were made of foam or rubber.