The Wall
Season 6, Episode 109
Airdate 22nd October 1990
Written by Rick Drew
Guest Stars Brigitte Sternberg as Maria Romburg
John Horn as Huber
Reiner Schoene as Weise,br> Jackson Davies as Kiley
Milton Selzer as Otto Romburg
Directed by Michael Preece
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With the help of MacGyver, an elderly German man is reunited with his long-lost granddaughter. However, she is now an agent involved in a plot to steal her grandfather's gold.


This was originally broadcast three weeks after East and West Germany officially reunified, and one year after the Berlin Wall came down.

Like the earlier "Humanity," (set in Rumania), this was done just months after the Iron Curtain came down.


During the black and white segment, there is a very brief glimpse of one of the German border guard's guns. It is the unmistakable silhouette of a very modern and a very American M-16.

Willis states the laser mic picks up vibrations from a window like a CD player. This is incorrect. A laser mic is an analog system that converts the variations in the returned laser signal directly to sound. This system will pick any small noise and requires significant filtering to be usable. The laser in a CD player picks up the long and short pits on the surface of the disk. This is a digital signal that requires a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) to generate the analog sound. This is the reason CDs have a very high quality sound.

The laser mic use to bug the toy store uses a visible red laser. This would easily be spotted and traced back to the observation point. A real laser mic would use an infra-red laser to remain covert.

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