Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date October 21, 2016
Written by Nancy Kiu
Directed by Bobby Roth
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Toothpick is the 5th episode of Season 1 in the remake version of MacGyver.


Using only an armrest, a curtain rod and a toothpick, MacGyver must fix a sabotaged train in order to protect a whistleblower who has proof that her boss is selling weapons to U.S. enemies.


The Phoenix Foundation gets a tip that Nikki was spotted in Portugal, so MacGyver and Jack Dalton stake out her supposed apartment. However, the woman they find was sent by Nikki to give MacGyver a key. Mac and Jack are then called by Thornton to meet Riley in Germany. The trio are to protect a woman named Katarina Wagner, a secretary who discovered her boss was selling weapons to U.S. enemies. Katarina received an email from an Interpol agent to take a train to Frankfurt, but the agent was killed before the email was sent. The trio protect Katarina on the train while Thornton confronts the CEO, Eric Wexler. Unfortunately, she can't arrest Wexler without proof but promises to come back. Wexler sends a group of men to kill Katarina on the train, but they are thwarted. The men destroy the train's console, as well as the braking and coupling systems, so the train will crash into the station. Mac, using a flare, rust, and magnesium from armrests, separates the head of the train from the passenger cars, saving everyone. Katarina thanks MacGyver, asking him to call her if he's ever in Germany, and Thornton arrests Wexler. Back at home, Bozer tries flirting with Riley in order to get more digits of Riley's phone number. MacGyver goes to Nikki's apartment to try the key, but it doesn't fit anywhere. He decides to wear it as a necklace until she is captured.


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Katarina Wagner: You don't look like a secret agent.
Angus MacGyver: What, exactly, is a secret agent supposed to look like?
Katarina Wagner: Sharp suit. Shorter hair. A little more... Worldly.
Angus MacGyver: Well, it's a... It's a whole new world.

Jack Dalton: How do you say, uh, "Put your pants on" in German? Huh? Sprechen die pants, dude.
Riley Davis: I think it means...
Jack Dalton: It means put on your pants.


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