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Tough Boys
Season 6, Episode 105
Airdate 17th September 1990
Written by Art Washington
Guest Stars Richard Roundtree as R.J. Hines
Richard Chaves as Manny
Dale Wilson as Dennis
Garvin Funches as Coco
Directed by Michael Vejar
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A gang of young vigilantes is destroying the city's crack houses. MacGyver suspects that an ex-marine from the youth center is the person training the vigilantes.


MacGyver weaves a fire hose through the rungs of a ladder with the nozzle at the last rung. When he heaves the ladder up to an angle on a box, is shot at, and dives for cover, it is clearly seen that the nozzle end of the hose has fallen out of the rungs and it and a couple of feet of hose is hanging down at the ground. However, when Hines turns on the water, the hose and nozzle are back through the rungs at the end.

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