Twice Stung
Season 2, Episode 3
Airdate 6th October 1986
Written by Phil Combest, Mark Lisson & Bill Froehlich
Directed by Paul Krasny
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Twice Stung is the 3rd episode of Season 2 in the original version of MacGyver.


After a friend of MacGyver's almost commits suicide, MacGyver and Pete set up a sting operation that would make a con man give up some money after he stole the friend's life savings and on other people.

Trivia Edit

Joanne Remmings loved MacGyver very much that she knows MacGyver that he does MacGyverism, using one thing to do something else.==Cast==

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Pamela Bowen as Joanna Remmings
Al Fann as Kelly Sutton
Richard Romanus as James Crowe
Rex Ryon as Carl
Steve Eastin as Tony