Season 5, Episode 093
Airdate 11th December 1989
Written by Robert Sherman
Guest Stars Audrey Landers as Carla
Terry David Mulligan as Rogan
Babs Chula as Eve
Dana Still as Dr. Farrell
Directed by Michael Preece
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A rock-star friend of MacGyver's is filming a video for the Rock Against Drugs campaign. A series of mysterious accidents that occur during filming convinces her that her twin sister is attempting to kill her.


In one of the scenes where MacGyver meets Roxie at her penthouse apartment, a good portion of a boom mic is clearly visible in one of the large mirrors located in Roxie's living room.

For some reason after the elevator crashed nobody, whether it was people in the building or the management staff, came to help or go to her apartment to see if she were okay.

The underwater light alternates between being on and off as Mac uses its broken face to cut himself free of the straitjacket.

Elevators have safety brakes that clamp down on the guide-rails if the elevator starts to fall, so the elevator box would not have gone crashing to the basement just because its support-cables came loose.

The two dangling curled ends of the loose support-cables visibly "jump" to a less "still swinging" position just before Mac's head appears above the top of the elevator box, indicating that a few seconds of footage were cut out there.