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Vera Kazakova
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Biographical Information
Real Name: Vera Kazakova
Originally From: Russia
Interests: Jack Dalton (Unreciprocated)
Affiliations: Russia
Physical Description
Character Information
First appearance: Roulette Wheel + Wire
Portrayed by: Karolina Wydra

Character Flag - Russian.jpg Female Criminal.png Season Two

Vera Kazakova is the new head of security at high stakes casino.

Early Life

Used to be a Russian spy.

Season 2


Vera Kazakova: My man here says you snapped a pictures of me earlier today.
Jack Dalton: Well nobody likes a tattle-tale, but yes. I'll admit it. I got the picture of the most beautiful women I've ever seen in my life.

Vera Kazakova: So you hacked my cameras. took out my guards. and now you have destroyed my vault.
Jack Dalton: But you met your soul mate.

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