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Wilt Bozer
Wilt Bozer
Biographical Information
Real Name: Wilt Bozer
Originally From: Mission City, USA
Current Location: Los Angeles, Califonia
Interests: Leanna Martin (Girlfriend)

Riley Davis (Unrequited)

Family: Josh Bozer(Brother)
Affiliations: The Phoenix Foundation
Physical Description
Height: 5ft 6in
Status: Alive
Episode Count: 60
Character Information
First appearance: The Rising
Portrayed by: Justin Hires

Character Flag - American Male Agent The Phoenix Foundation Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 Season 4

Wilt Bozer is a member of The Phoenix Foundation and has been best friends with Angus MacGyver since childhood.

Personality Edit

Bozer's personality is one of ambition and heart. At the beginning of the series, Bozer was focused on his film-making career in his spare time while flipping burgers as his day job. He has been there for the people closest to him, such as MacGyver, but he is notably hurt when he was unknowingly thrown into the spy world after a dangerous encounter with Murdoc. However, he did forgive Mac in the end, after seeing what Mac dealt with every day.

Even so, once he got a job with Phoenix, Bozer's ambitious nature prompted him to try and prove his worth in the field, even though he lacked the necessary skill-set required to do so. After his first official mission went south, he mentions his goal to be in the field is still there, but instead he would take his time and build his confidence more before doing more fieldwork.

Even before he was involved with Phoenix, Bozer was a perceptive person, able to tell what's bothering his friends and support them through their problems. This trait, coupled with his various job experiences, enables to firmly understand a complicated situation quickly and he does voice his doubts. This trait is what helped him earn Matty's respect.

A running gag in the series is his obvious crush on Riley and in exchange for helping her out, he gets the digits to her phone number. However the two became fast friends, but he was hurt after learning her true occupation.

Skills Edit

  • Special Effects Expert: As an amateur film director, Bozer has a wide knowledge of special effects, albeit somewhat limited.
  • Prosthetic Mask Expert: Bozer's real talent comes his ability to craft lifelike masks that can effectively hide someone from detection. His skills is as such he create temporary fixtures out of kitchen ingredients with Mac's help.
  • Expert Cook. He is frequently shown cooking elaborate dishes which everybody seems to enjoy.


  • Assistant in an Accountant's Office (formerly)
  • Begins the process of his Monster Movie with Angus MacGyver as the General Wang since he can speak Mandarin. [1] Angus is later cast as both the General and a green monster.


Season One
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